Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Bonus Excerpt: Hot Knight In Paradise

The next few weeks are going to be insanely busy. I'm actively trying to be everywhere. But as a pleasant surprise my fellow Indulgence releasers (yes, I just made up a word) are hosting each other:

Marisa Cleveland http://www.marisacleveland.com/ 
Michele DeWinton Romance http://www.micheledewinton.blogspot.com/
Hayson Manning http://haysonmanning.blogspot.com/

I'll keep ya updated on all my spots.

And since I will be everywhere with excerpts, interviews and behind the scenes info, it makes sense to let this be the first place where you get to read it first. I mean, what kind of author would I be if I didn't offer the first and an exclusive excerpt on my own blog? Let's not answer that question. On to the excerpt...
Leah grinned at him and jumped into the water. When she surfaced he stood at the rocks with his shirt half-off. Oh. He needed to come with a warning label. If and when her brain stopped misfiring at the sight of those golden-brown pecs and ridged stomach muscles, she might be able to come up with one. She dunked herself and stayed down longer than necessary to clear her head.
Bad idea. When she resurfaced, he was down to his low-riding khaki shorts. Half-hearted kicks put distance between her and the too-hot sight. She floated, to the waterfall, where bubbles foamed around the cascade of liquid. She had to get control of her wayward thoughts. So Leah tried, focusing on how she was broke beyond belief on top of being stranded for at least two weeks. Her mother’s silence…
Heat suddenly enveloped her back. Instinct, not want, made her lean into the warmth of Marshall’s chest and close her eyes. All thoughts of her mother fled and the wayward thoughts trickled back in. Hell.
His hands wrapped around her shoulders, and he turned her to face him. “Where’d you go?”
“To the other side of the pond.” The deadpan stare made her laugh. “Why won’t you let me play stupid?”
“You’re smarter than that.”
“What difference does it make?” she asked, frustrated. “We already came to an understanding that I would be here two
“As a back-up plan.” He raised his brows.
She started to swim backward, but he held her steady. “Have you changed your mind about employing me?” she  asked.
He blinked. “No.”
“You could give me the money outright,” she said, and again stalled to avoid the conversation.
He considered her. “Would you take it?”
No. “For all you know I could be lying. Why would you give someone you don’t know that much money without working for it?”
“You could be.” Marshall searched her face as he had the day before. “But you’re a horrible liar.”
He had her there. “How do you know?”
She sighed since he was partially right. “I got myself in this situation and I knew better.”
“The universe hates you?”
“Yes,” she said with certainty.
He shook his head, but pulled her closer. “Make your case. I’m interested to know what you could have possibly done to earn this kind of karmic retribution.”
She pursed her lips and the truth wanted to spill out. How would he look at her if knew the truth? She said, “Delores told me you are family by choice. How did you guys meet?”
“She had family here. I followed.”
Truth rang through the statement, but it wasn’t the full story.
“You’re smarter than the job you do. State your case, Marshall.”
He gave silence as his answer, so she ducked under the water and swam beneath the waterfall. The water acted as a curtain, hiding a miniature cave. The other side of the rock wall had to have an opening allowing the sun to come through, because the water glowed at the bottom. With her back to the wall, she waited for him, because she knew he’d follow.
He rose out of the swimming hole, droplets clinging to thick black lashes. Marshall jerked his head to fling the wetness from his face. “I’ve been thinking.” He came closer.
And because he had, Leah had to smile. “What conclusion did you come to?”
“We need to agree to another arrangement of sorts.”
Her heart kicked in her chest at what was surely about to come next. He wanted sex and not to barter. Not from the look that said he knew, already, all the ways he wanted her. Leah wanted to know them, too. With this man conversation bred lust.
She wouldn’t be here long enough for him to rip out her heart. The lust she could handle. “And what arrangement would that be?” she asked.
Marshall’s lids lowered, and he made a deep sound of need. “What kind of arrangement do you think I mean?”
Uncertainty made her choose the next words. “I feel as if we are playing an extended game of cat and mouse. Sometimes I’m the mouse.”
His nostrils flared and he looked like he wanted to eat her all up. “Do you like being the mouse?”
Nothing makes my heart lighter than subtle dirty jokes. All right. This book goes live on the 9th and from there it's zero to 60 mph. Put on your seatbelt folks.

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