Sunday, June 3, 2012

Writing With Your Heart

I should be clear. What I write on my blog are thoughts and methods that I've come to the conclusion works for me. I'm not saying anyone else should write the way I write. Or should go about the publishing side of things  the way I do. Honestly, the best way to find out where you stand is to see someone else's thoughts and disagree with them. You can find out not only where you stand, but even what you might feel and are not able to put into words why.  I think this is why I love talking to my writer-ly friend. (And we talk often.) We live on different planets when it comes to the writing and the business.

One thing we agree on, if not the process, is that a writer should write with their heart. (Now, I'm not talking PUBLISHING with your heart. That's just bound to end in tears. lol) You know I'm not even saying every book is or should be a book of the heart. I'm saying when you sit down and it's just you and your computer the place you tap into is deep and vulnerable and it's where your heart is. In my books if the humor isn't dirty then it's rooted in pain. If I change something within the story it's not because I'm trying to twist my story into something marketable. (Or at least not the sole reason. lol) It's because deep in the heart of my story it still resonates.

Now, I'm up late thinking about this after re-reading a partially soulless short novella I wrote. I wrote it with every intention of making it a freebie. When I set out to write this story there wasn't some deep buried question I wanted to explore, which is usually what spurs me to write a book. A character pops into my mind with a burning question: What's forgiveness? What's love? What's romance? How can I be deserving of love? Compassion? Redemption?

And when I sat down to write this book there was no burning question. Now I've written soulless stories before and they usually died by the end of the first chapter if not earlier. Really I never finished writing them. Never. Yet this story called to me. These characters sprang to life. The word count kept growing and I was thinking, No, stop it! You're supposed to be short, cute and a freebie!! My muses snickered at this.

This story was supposed to be about promo and it got into my damn heart anyway. I now have to find where this change began and mold the story around the burning question my characters have. I'm not complaining. I'm just saying write with your heart and even when you don't intend to. You might be surprised at what pours out anyway.

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