Monday, April 23, 2012

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

I should be shamed to say this next part, but I think it speaks well of the author's ability to step out of his own story and let the story live on its own. The confession? It wasn't until this past year that I learned the author of Sherlock Holmes' name. In case you don't know it either, Sir Arthur Doyle. Sherlock is epic. So epic I want to say most detectives now are based on the frame work of this character. (House, Cal Lightman, Spencer, Kinsey Milhoune, Dresden.) Even though the stories are told from Watson's POV, it's Holmes that gets the limelight.

Yet, I have to say, this series I'm watching the actor, Jeremy Brett, has brought Holmes to life. And I love this actor's portrayal because he does Character. Yes, with a big C. A gesture of a hand. The way he slips in wonderful humor into the dialogue that whips right by you. (Ok. Ok. The writers deserve a crapload of accolades too. A crapton.)

And I've watched a lot of Holmes and stopped watching just as quickly. (Aside from Downey Jr. who is just wonderful.) Still he's the Holmes I'd rather watch, because when I watch him act it doesn't feel like acting.

Which, brings me to my point. I want to write stories where I'm no where to be found. Although it's blasphemous to say, I'd rather readers remember my story than my name.

Ok. I'm off to watch more Sherlock Holmes.

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