Monday, April 30, 2012

The In Depth Behind The Scenes Secret Handshake Surefire Way To Plotting

In case you were actually looking for what I promised in the blog title...I'm sorry. You should know most of what spews from my keyboard is said tongue in cheek. But like most jokes, it does hold some truth. A good 80 percent of my plotting happens all in my head. Usually while listening to music.

So, for a moment, imagine a kitchen. A mother and daughter standing side by side. The mother is on her laptop. Daughter hands mother a CD and asks to import it to iTunes. Mother looks at artist and shrugs. He's not that annoying, she'll gladly add him to her account. Mom actually likes one of this artist's songs. She listens to the album. One song, right away, strikes a cord. No pun intended.

See this is how it all starts with me. But to be fair, the character that immediately came to mind has been on the back burner for a few years. He's a charmer. I love charmers. 9 times out of 10 people who are all carefree and all smiles and jokes have something dark and deep buried in their past. They've learned, or rather they prefer to take life and all it's downfalls with a laugh. A whiff of a deep, dark secret and a tortured past...that's crack to a writer.

And this peppy, full of cheek and conflicting lyrics comes on and immediately I see this character's face. I can see him full of cheek and dark secrets in a tuxedo. Not immaculate by any means. He's ditched the coat, rolled up the sleeves and loosened the bow tie. And he's dancing to this song that's all about making serious decisions on a whim. In fact, making a decision that really avoids the heart of the matter.

My mind imagines him dancing, but who is his partner? What women would look at him and go he's perfect. No woman in her right mind would. Unless on the surface he's exactly what she's looking for--an obvious dumb decision. Someone who isn't looking for something serious, because if she was, the woman wouldn't look twice at the hero.

At this point, I go YES!!!!!! That's not a joke. I literally sat up, while listening to this song and said, YES!!!!!!

This is the secret handshake, ideas come out of nowhere. Ideas snowball and then you've got plot. And for me when I've got plot, I've got character.

What was the song that started this whole thing?

Yeah. No idea why it's THIS song, but I'm listening to it. I can still see him dancing with her. And the story is playing out in my mind. Plot. I haz it.

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