Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scenes From De La Casa Loco, Redux

Cast List:
Mama Loco (MC)
Little Miss Diva (LMD)
The Charmer (TC)

This scenario happens at least three times a week.

TC walks into the room. ML notices he is wearing the same pants as the day before.
ML: Change your pants.

TC: But I like these pants.

ML: You like them so much they can stand up in a corner by themselves.

TC: * sighs * I can’t find any other pants.

Having just done the laundry, ML knows this for the lie it is. ML gives TC The Look.

TC: Please!

The Look continues.

TC:  Please!

ML’s face is starting to hurt and wonders if her mother was right, your face can get stuck in that expression.
TC sighs, leaves the room and comes back with different jeans. Because ML is wise to TC’s tricks she checks his backpack. The “favorite” pants are in there. The Look ensues as she takes out the pants.

End Scene

ML is reading book. LMD walks into room and stands there staring. ML marks page and closes book. ML makes eye contact with child as a silent way of saying you have the floor. LMD just stands there. Not saying a word.
ML: Yes?

LMD: Mom?

ML: The last time I checked my stretch marks.

LMD: Mmmmooooommmm! * She is a pre-teen. So this is said often with exasperation. *

 ML: Did you need something?

LMD: * shrugs * No. Just wanted to see what you were doing. * Then leaves the room. *
 ML stares blankly at door.

 It should be noted this happens every time ML is reading quietly and the children take turns. It is often imagined they stand outside the doorway doing paper, rock scissors to see who goes first.
 End Scene

End of Sneak Peek into De La Casa Loco

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