Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How You Can Tell Book Is Not Baby, Redux

By all the things you can do with, in or to your book that you cannot do with a child without serving a life-long prison sentence. Here are just a few tell-tell differences: 

1. Sell it

Go ahead and put a baby up on Ebay. Give the Feds 24 hours before they come knocking on your door.  

2. Use Backspace On

If your child has a button like shape any where on their person please take them to a doctor. Though you can use this button liberally within your MS. You can even select the entire MS and then click this button.

3. Censor What It Says Publicly

Cute as a button baby will one day, several days spaced out over time more than likely, say something in a room filled with people that will make you want to crawl into the deepest, darkest cave to die of embarrassment. 

4. Place Under Bed Or In A Closet For Several Years

Something like number one would happen. 

There are plenty more differences, but these are key. Do you have anymore to add?

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