Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Last and Only Writing Advice I’ll Give, Redux

And ever and ever and ever. (Maybe.) When I first started writing I used to give out tons of advice. I was excited and I wanted to tell everyone what worked for me. I was one of those parents who just had a baby and decided it wasn’t insane at all to send you 27 pictures of their new bundle of joy in a 5 minute time span. Yes, I had to be stopped. Now things are a little different.

Warning: I’m about to abuse the words “some+____” and “that.”
But to my point, the advice I have is simple and complicated. Have you ever read something or seen something that made you go, “Yes! That!” It can also be: I felt that. I thought that. I’ve done that. I’ve said that. It’s keen to someone hitting a tuning fork and every molecule in your being is vibrating at how it resonates. The tuning fork isn’t set up to only go off with deep, profound that. It could be having a character stub the feck out of their toe and cursing. And of course, there’s a child standing right there. (Its why no matter how well worn the ‘they’re standing right behind me’ joke is it’ll get a chortle.)

This advice is about making connections. Little ones. Big ones. It’s about knowing you are not alone. It’s about taking every moment where you felt doubt, happiness, sadness, fear and loathing and using the feck out of it. It’s about being vulnerable. I don’t mean weak. I don’t mean opening up a vein. I mean the courage to lay out your humanity in words. And humanity
is nuanced. It’s surprising. It’s predictable. (I’m talking about all the times you ran into an ex or aformer anything looking like road kill. That’s predictable.) (I’m also the loudest person a room was probably ignored a lot as a child.) It’s wonderful. It’s ugly. It’s every adjective in Webster’s and even the Urban dictionary.

So, that’s the writing advice. The last I will ever, ever, ever give. (Maybe.)
What’s the best/worst advice you’ve been given? In hindsight, what’s the best/worst advice you’ve gave?

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